Everything you need to know is simple

We put our clients best interests first, focus on creating an amazing experience and deliver results on time.

Otero Media Solutions was established in 2003 to work with small businesses and individuals who needed an effective online presence. Since then OMS has grown to include technology consulting, digital marketing, brand management, user experience design, full stack web development and graphic design.

Our team has over 40 years of combined management and technical experience working in both private and public sector scenarios.

A Key Difference – Industry Partnerships

We approach business from a different perspective – one that puts our clients first.

Over the past 10 years we have created a partner network of industry professionals to provide the right outcomes at the right time. This approach has proven effective at yielding both amazing results and highly competitive rates. Using these synergies in combination with our unique perspective, we are truly able to provide outstanding value for our clients. We create an environment where highly talented individuals collectively work towards one goal… improving your bottom line at a fraction of large marketing agencies cost.

We’ve worked with some awesome clients

Our experience and proven results are great, but what really sets us apart is the ability to think critically on behalf of our client with a strong understanding of their business and goals. It’s the time put into understanding their process and creating a great working experience that gives us a competitive advantage.

Client Relationships

Many of our clients come from a rough relationship with their digital marketing agency, web designer or web developer. It’s these past experiences that make people hesitant to invest in the digital areas that will help grow their bottom line.

Otero Media Solutions focuses on our clients business, their customers experience and our working relationship to deliver extraordinary results without the pain associated with working in the digital space.